We offer a range of motion capture services including motion control with the most advanced cinebot on the market; the Bolt Jr+

Services we offer

With our pre-production service, we will advise on your requirements for the shoot, and even produce test renders of the final film pre-shoot.

Motion control systems are a game-changer for filmmakers and videographers, offering an unparalleled level of precision and control over camera movements. With the ability to repeat passes on the same subject, motion control allows for complex shots, light passes, and the ability to seamlessly switch out products or elements between takes.

One of the key benefits of motion control is the ability to shoot plates, which are used to composite different elements into a single scene during post-production. With motion control, you can shoot multiple passes of a scene with different elements, allowing for faster and more seamless compositing in post.

We use the Bolt Jr+ cinebot, the most versatile and suitable cinebot for small table-top applications. Compared to traditional slider-based motion control, the Bolt Jr+ allows for a much faster workflow, with movements adapted quickly on set. With the ability to move at speeds up to three meters per second, the Bolt Jr+ allows for dynamic angle changes and slow-motion shots, adding an extra layer of creativity and depth to your footage.

  • Finally, we'll run through amends with you until you're happy

  • First, we work with you to ensure we understand your needs

  • We'll work on pre production to ensure we have all we need for the shoot

  • After the shoot, we'll ensure data is safe with our on and off site storage

  • Working with our team we'll run through the post production process

  • Working to the schedule agreed in the pre production phase

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